01 November 2013


Coffee table books: I could never have enough. They're one of those little luxuries that make me reel with excitement, and look forward to early weekend mornings. With coffee in-hand, there's nothing better (in my book) than to curl up on the sofa and delve through drool-worthy pages of iconic inspiration.

So enter Fifth Avenue Style, and its exuberant pages. Less isn't always more, especially when you're the brilliant decor-conscious mind of Howard Slatkin, interior decorator and founder of the iconic lifestyle brand Slatkin & Co. How he does it--I do not know. But, I will revel in his extravagance and soak up every bit of elegance he's woven into the design of his Manhattan abode, which has just become eye candy to us all in his stunning coffee table book.

Incredible, no? The interior is nothing, and I mean nothing, short of striking. Clever sophistication is wrought throughout. And, no detail, no matter how seemingly trivial, has been left unaccounted for--Mr. Slatkin's crown mouldings are impeccably dressed with an ornate gilded rope detailing, and even his closets have been embellished to the nth degree. And to think, this Downton-worthy Manhattan mansion was once a lifeless white box! Mr. Slatkin and his glamorous abode are seriously enchanting, and I can't wait to delve through it again...on my sofa...with coffee...during my weekend.

And, mark your calendars for tomorrow morning (November 2), as Mr. Slatkin's One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale makes its debut! His abode is brimming with such amazing one-of-a-kinds, can you even imagine his tag sale? And, rumor has it, signed copies of his Fifth Avenue Style will be available to a few lucky shoppers.

So, happy weekend!
Happy reading.
And...happy shopping.

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