29 August 2013


Perhaps it's because my world is incessantly teeming with color, pattern, and texture--but there's something that's just so freeing in neutrality. Grounded in simplicity, I find myself enamored with smart, sophisticated interiors that are entrancingly clean. And that's just it--they are so clean, and effortless...requiring such a small amount of energy and attention. And with today's overwhelmingly hectic lifestyle's, I'd venture to say this artful simplicity is very much a luxury!

Don't get me wrong, I'm fiercely passionate about the use of color, pattern...and making a good statement. But maybe it's this transition to fall that has me longing for neutrality. And perhaps it's my on-going strife to simplify my everyday ongoings...my business...and my life. In any regard, I find myself enamored with such refined, neutral brilliance. Don't you?


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