01 July 2013


Want to see me get excited? Like, unreasonably so?
...Just tell me you need some lighting...and that you want it to make a statement.

I mean, there are things you should invest in, and things that aren't much worth it. I take the former stance when it comes to lighting and interior design. It's worth every single pretty penny you're willing to spend on it. Did you hear that? E-v-e-r-y one of those shiny coins. Because if you skimp, and have cheap / boring lighting...that doesn't shed the proper wattage and warmth...well...suddenly everything else in the room looks just as sub-par. Spend those pennies, people. Get you some good lighting, to highlight the good interior.

Speaking of lighting, here's what's been illuminating current projects of mine. I am living vicariously through these clients, you see....because these fixtures are all insanely gorgeous/unusual/perfectly perfect...and I pretty much want them all. See?

Notice a theme, here?
Yes, you are right--aged brass, it is.
And iron.
And just overall goodness.
Flush mounts don't have to be boring, my friends. Or ill-designed.
And over-mirror bath lighting doesn't have to be your standard contractor's special.
And can we talk about these pendants and chandys? Amazing, I know.

....So, take a hint from these clients' ceilings and walls...and go invest in statement-making lighting.


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