26 June 2013


Surely you've seen/heard/read about the mother-daughter style duo of Judy and Jane Aldridge. They're pretty highly revered within the blog + fashion world, and daughter Jane has made quite a name for herself via her Sea of Shoes personal fashion blog:

And yes, Jane is beautiful and has an incredible sense of style, and is well on her way to making it big in this cut-throat industry, but let's pay some homage to mom Judy, who inevitably played a significant role in the development of Jane's amazingly 'collected' sense of style:

Isn't her personal style unreal? It's so effortless. So chic. So out of the ordinary.
And, as if my wardrobe doesn't aspire to be Judy, 
just check out her meticulously-contrived and collected interior:

The epitome of 'well-collected.' 
And, just like her wardrobe: effortless, chic...and bold.

Amazing, right? 
Thanks to those Aldridges for all the style inspiration.

(images via The Coveteur and Atlantis Home)


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Anonymous said...

I love that you posted about Judy. She is the epitome of chic--I aspire to be her in 20 years!