15 July 2013


My 'lately's' been quite the whirlwind: filled with travel, design happenings, renovation thrills (...and headaches)...and easy summer weekends well-spent with family and friends.

Here's a little glimpse:

 I made my way to Atlanta, where a new build project is in the throes of tile installs (as seen above). 

While there, we made some rug and furnishings selections, and established the overall direction of the interior aesthetic. It's going to be nothing short of chic and gorgeous! Clients are happy, which means designer is uber-happy.

And...lighting selections have begun to make themselves at home in Atlanta. 
This above gem is #1 of 2 making a gorgeous statement above the kitchen island.

And, Ricardo made his way home with me from Atlanta. He's quite the travel companion. And thank goodness he has good taste in fabrics. I have a feeling he won't be mine for long (sadly)...

And neither will this little number. Gold rope arm chair upholstered in an emerald (nearly black) mohair? Come September, she's likely to find a new home as well. 

So yes, goodies are being corralled for an exciting little venture...
Of which I don't think I can flat out tell you about yet? But I will drop hints, don't you worry...

So, back in Kentucky territory, I had a most unusual client meeting. Involving little missy. A bulldog. A horse. And a miniature horse named 'Baby Diamond.' 

But, custom upholstery is happening...
And I quite like it.

Lots of coffee accompanied a weekend of house happenings (umm..we FINALLY have a semi-functioning kitchen!), hours of Lost (yes, we are like eight years late in discovering, I know), and How To Make It In America

And we walked around the corner of our new hood to cheers Bastille Day at Le Deauville, with Mussels and amazing convo with newly met locals.

And we topped it all off with blackberry + banana soft serve with a brown sugar rum glaze...made in my blender with goat milk fresh from the Maple farmstead:

So there you have it.

My lately.

It's been busy. And amazing. 
And I hope the same holds true for yours.


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Elaine said...

Love these inspiring images!! Where is the light fixture from? I've been looking for something similar but have only seen much chunkier frames. Thanks!