06 June 2013


Yes, I've been bad on the blogging front again. But, for good reason (or, so I think). So here's some of those 'why's', and a bit of what I've been up to lately:

I hopped a flight down to inspiration-filled Austin...
(I die over this front stoop tile!)

...for a girl's trip.
(yes, we have lots of good stories to tell, and a few pirate tattoos to show).

Austin, of course, is amazing...and I came home incredibly refreshed and inspired, especially by beckoning restaurant patios such as this...

...and so many other well-designed patios, businesses, food trucks, and things in general.

I ate my weight in tacos...

And brought home a shipment full of antique and vintage goodies.
(Keep your eyes peeled, people...as these goods will soon be for sale.)

And, in the meantime, a client's very boring brown bathroom went from this
(that's the unpainted paneling we installed)

...to this.
I am happy. They are happy. We are all dang happy.

And, this show-stopper was installed.
Good lighting makes all the difference in the world. Especially in a looming entryway.
The contractor thinks the dark blue /gray canopy looks like a hole in the ceiling.
But he's a guy. And I think it's perfection.

Furnishings are being delivered, so now comes the fun part: making them our own. 
And creating the perfect backdrop for such loveliness with amazing wallpaper.
...it's coming along...

So there you have it...
my lately.

Hope yours has been perfection, as well!

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celine{aquahaus} said...

Awww... glad you had a great time in the ATX. Next time you're here, would love to meet up for a drink!