17 June 2013


So, if you've been following along with the daily craze that is my life, you most likely know that my Maple and I are busy renovating a little historic 'cottage,' as we call it. Well, countertops are getting installed tomorrow, and I can't even begin to tell you how antsy I am with anticipation! After nearly four months of attempting to be patient, we'll finally finally have a working kitchen. With new cabinetry, and counters. I am pinching myself.

But, aside from working on the cottage, we've also been renovating my design studio. And she was in bad shape. She's a little A-frame rectangle of a space...with tons of potential...in an amazing locale...she just needed a lot of help to realize what a hidden gem she could be. So, we started by ripping out the dingy paneled ceiling, to expose those original rafters:

Looks daunting...but she's on her way to coming along. The next step is to spray some insulation between the rafters, and get those beams and rafters painted. Then the walls will get a gleaming new coat of fresh, white paint--which has been a huge debate, but I want it super clean and open since the natural light is really lacking. Then will come the fun part--the lighting install!

And, in terms of design inspiration, here's a few images I just can't get out of my head: 

A simple, yet extremely well-designed facade. Street cred is uber-important, in my book. Passerby's need to know you're a design studio, and you're good at what you do!

 Doors and windows are a simply way to amp up any facade. And again, I'm craving some major curb appeal, as my little studio is currently lacking in that department. To the point that I'm reluctant to even put up a sign. And this architectural doorway is absolute perfection!

Well-planned organization and storage is an absolute must, so I'm lining the entire back wall with a shelving system, then containing it with a wall of gray linen drapery. Easy access to samples and paperwork, yet totally concealable when we want a cleaner environment to work and create within. 

And I mentioned the natural light is really lacking. I have one measly window, and a solid metal door (that's of course seen better days). Simple, effective solution? A dutch door, I think! 

And, for the interior: white slipcovers, warm woods, and a hint of brass...

Warm white walls, and a gray-washed A-frame ceiling will provide the perfect, neutral, uncluttered backdrop for all the design-doings we have going on.

I'm thinking antique mirrors will go a really long way in reflecting the natural light...

And I'm just dying for the installation of a bold, geometric floor to happen! 

And so that's my studio--very much in the works, but coming along. July 1 is the finish deadline, as I have an exciting new addition to welcome into my studio space! ... An intern... :) So fingers crossed all goes according to plan. Can't wait to share the finished space with you!

So, until next time...


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katie gavigan said...

ahhhh....all gorgeous!! i have absolutely no doubt it's going to be a drop-dead stunner of a studio. exciting!