04 June 2013


Lorenzo Castillo. A man of sheer brilliance. A Spaniard with an incredible, artistic sensibility of style, sophistication, proportion, scale, and visual interest. His ability to elegantly yet casually mix aesthetics is unreal. His spaces always look so collected, so uncontrived, yet so well-planned. A refined Kelly Wearstler, if you will, with his bold use of patterns, ornate furnishings, and sculptural elements. And this is why I will forever revere Mr. Castillo as an absolute icon within the design industry:

...And I had to stop myself...

Seriously, his designs are brilliant. All of his rooms have a way of drawing you in, keeping you inspired, without overwhelming your senses. They're warm, they're grounded in classicism, yet they push the boundaries in so many intriguing, unorthodox ways. That balance is quite a feat...a mastery, if you ask me.

So...Lorenzo Castillo. Amazing, right?

And with that, HAPPY TUESDAY.

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Ashley Argota said...

The black and white/ melon chairs are stunning ! Love the use of these 2 fabrics together.I also like the green and white fabric on the skirted chair. Fabuloso!
i`m browsing Home Depot store coupons to see if i get something.