22 May 2013


So, I'm finally back from Mexico...back to work...and back to the real world. Truth be told, I was rather antsy to head home. I guess that's what happens when you do what you love everyday, and for that I know I'm beyond blessed. With that said, vacation was absolute perfection...and more. How amazing it felt to detach our minds from all of those stressors, and be reminded of us...of how good we are together...but also how blessed our lives are. And that is the very reason I so love to travel--crossing those borders--and the depth and perspective we unabashedly gain by doing so (or, I hope that's the same for you). For there are things in this world that I want, and think I need, until I'm immersed in other cultures, amongst other people, who's everyday lives truly are actually a struggle. A struggle for clean water, and wholesome food, and education, and personal safety, and money. And family. And life. And here I am, the traveler who seemingly has everything, basking in their sun, on their beaches, ordering their drinks, and passing by their roadside stands...in my rental car...which I flew to...because I could. So yes, I am home. Refreshed and humbled with a new perspective. Ready to work hard, so I can give...and bless others...and grow my business...for the good of other people.

But back to topic--Tulum. People, this place is amazing. I almost don't want to tell of it, as I know it won't be such an undiscovered gem for long. (In fact, Maple and I were trekking amongst the cliffside Mayan ruins that were down the beach from our hotel, and ran into someone we knew from Charleston..?!?!). But, as a designer, I'm fueled by my travels. Inspired by every new and stimulating surrounding. And the people. And their arts. And their language...their heritage...and their passions. So here's a little glimpse into Tulum--the enchanting, secluded beach community that's rife with laid-back locals and chic Europeans, and is brimming with an amazing air of passion for design and the arts...and insanely good food.

Our view from dinner...amid the most amazing little Italian restaurant...complete with homemade pastas, San Pellegrino, twinkling candles, white-washed woods, antique olive jars, and 'gratzis'. 
It was perfection.

Speaking of perfection...I found it in this yellow door. 

Isn't my Maple a stud? Here he is anticipating the BEST dinner we've EVER had, my friends. And there is absolutely no exaggeration to this statement...and we like food. 

It's called Hartwood, my friends, and I long for the day we return to dine on their brilliance.

Our little boutique abode was so-well designed (which, of course, is the very reason I chose it). Just look at those doors! Who wouldn't want to wander through?

The interior of our cabana was so simple...yet so inspiring. Poured concrete. Moulded plaster. Crisp, white bed linens. A thatched roof. Amazing lighting. A lush, tropical view. And a pop of color. 

And those Tulum sunrises...
Every bit worth the 6 o'clock awakening.

It's no secret that I love a quiet, inspiration-filled morning...
and also my coffee. 
Tulum offered the best of both.

She was closed, but I didn't mind. That's perhaps a bad sales strategy: to outfit your storefront with such witty doors that those wandering by look forward to them being shut.

A lovely vignette. Perched outside the Italian restaurant, as you find your way back to the beach.

 And, our cab ride back to the Cancun airport. Nothing exciting. Just the two of us, happy as can be to have been blessed with an amazing week together...even happier to get home to our family, our friends, and our work...so we can em-better the lives of others, not just our own.

Enjoy your lives, my friends. Make the most of them. And love with every ounce you have. We only have one, as we were so sorely reminded when our plane touched down in Atlanta, and we were confronted with the devastation in Oklahoma. My heart is still hurting for them, and my prayers will never stop.


lcason said...

how beautiful!! where did you stay? this is some place exactly where my husband and i are looking to get away to this summer.

lcason said...

where did you stay? this is exactly the kind of place that my husband and i are looking to escape to!

Blair said...

Your words and pictures of this post are beautiful! Mexico really is that inspiring!

Hannah Maple said...

Hi Icason! We chose to stay at Coco Tulum. A quaint boutique hotel that's eco-friendly. Most cabanas share a large bath area, but they were super clean and nice, and I hardly saw anyone else in there! It's beachfront, and the restaurant is amazing. The location, too, is perfect for walking around. But, Posada Margherita is the hotel with the yellow doors in my post :) It looked like perfection, too! But I can vouch for how great Coco Tulum was.

rob said...

love your blog! you guys are adorable, and your work and outlook is a delight!