28 February 2013


So, by now you've probably conjured that Maple and I have acquired a new living situation. And yes, we've up and moved from our seaside Charleston back to the bluegrass we know and love so well--our home sweet home of Lexington, Kentucky. Work and business opportunities have called us home...and we decided to follow. And, if you follow me on instagram (@hannahmaple), you've seen a little sneak peek into our historic, 1800-era cottage that Maple and I now call home. She needs some work, but has an unbridled amount of potential. Not only will she house my ever-growing design studio, but she'll be our living quarters for the next year-or-so. Right downtown, amidst the historic district, surrounded by an up-and-coming restaurant/local shop/entrepreneurial scene. We're rather excited...to say the very least. I can't even believe the opportunities that have been rolling our way!

But...she needs a kitchen. She sort of already has one, but this girl cooks nearly seven nights a week, and let me tell you: an old shallow sink, one upper cabinet, and a floating range will not do the trick. But, our long-term plan is to sublease the space as a commercial property, so we don't want to invest high-dollars into a kitchen. And, I've always dreamed of a quaint (but functional) cottage kitchen that's clean, simple, and well-designed. So enter in Martha Stewart and her Home Depot cabinetry line, and we'll soon have a new kitchen that will consist of simple lower cabinetry, glossy white appliances (I am so over the constant upkeep of stainless!), and no uppers--only open shelving.

And, of course I have some inspiration photos to share with you:

Perfection. In every way. 
Gray cabinetry, white + gray counters, black accents, open shelving.

Clean and simple, but not overly new. We not only love old, character-filled spaces, but we're wanting to work with the historic bones (aka janky plaster walls) that lend so much life and interest to the space.

Old world charm mixed with clean lines and high-functioning furnishings and details.
My kind of kitchen.

A little gleaming and 'new' for our space, but you get the idea: gray lowers, clean white walls, open shelving, and black window mullions. It's love...

And here, some details I've pulled together:
Gray wicker baskets for storage / our heirloom butcher block in place of cabinetry next to fridge / marble accents / antique brass drawer pulls and hardware / black and white painted diamond floors / my well-loved cobalt Le creuset / gray lower cabinetry / brass french press / Blanco single bowl undermount sink / white appliances / a classic chrome bridge faucet 

As mentioned, we've sourced Martha Stewart's line of cabinetry at Home Depot. I'm super impressed with the well-designed lines, colors, and quality. And my excitement cannot be contained for new, clean feeling cabinetry that actually opens and shuts! And drawers. Swoon.

So, Maple and I fell hard for the clean, classic, shaker-esque lines of Martha's 'Maidstone' cabinetry. Again, we're wanting a style that's simple and will lend well to this historic bones of our little downtown cottage. But..a conundrum does ensue. We'd decided to go a bit bold and order our cabinetry in the rich, green/gray Ocean Floor hue, since we won't be actually living in this space for all that long. But, now I'm having second thoughts, mostly due to our white appliances. Sharkey Gray would be less of a contrast with the white, and could therefore make the space feel larger. And it would go so well with the pops of natural wood, black, and cobalt blue we're wanting to incorporate. But that Ocean Floor...it is so pretty.

So, dear readers, this is where you come in: Ocean Floor, or Sharkey Gray? What would you choose?
Would so love to hear your opinions!

With that said, HAPPY THURSDAY. 
It's almost the weekend :)


Laura_NEAPOLITAN said...

Congrats on your move!

I think Sharkey Grey most closely resembles your inspiration images, and would look fantastic with those appliances. It would be my choice just because I love the color, but I don't think you can go wrong either way! I'm sure it will be stunning.

Caroline @ The Home Depot said...

Hi Hannah!

Just thought I'd send this kitchen reno your way. Holly of In the Fun Lane used all Martha cabinetry. She documented her reno to the nth degree, so it might be helpful for you!


Best of luck! Can't wait to see how it turns out!


Lauren said...

Ocean Floor girlfran! My husband and I just renovated our early 1900s home and we did a mix of white cabinets and a feature/buffet wall of the ocean floor. I'm happy to send you a pic if you want to see it in action! The Ocean Floor is gorgeous, go for it! PS - you get a year of Martha Living with your purchase ;)
Lauren (lauren.e.tilley@gmail.com)

Hannah Maple said...

@Laura_Neopolitan--Thank you! And I do agree, Sharkey Gray does most closely resemble all the photos that I so love.

@Caroline--thank you! This is ever-so-helpful. And her kitchen is gorgeous :)

@Lauren--umm YES I would absolutely LOVE to see pics of your kitchen and the Ocean Floor! Love that you did a mix with the white. Seriously can't wait to see it. Do you mind emailing them to hannah@hannahmaple.com? Thank you!!

Lacyed487 said...

I love ocean floor! But I love a good greeny gray...we have some furniture pieces painted this color and it seems neutral enough but a little more interesting. I live in Lexington too and I think I can guess the area! Lots of great restaurants to walk to!

Lacyed487 said...

Love ocean floor! I'm a sucker for a good greeny gray!

I live in Lexington too. I bet I can Guess the area. I work in the middle of it and there are tons of great restaurants to walk to!

Amy Florez {Baby Mama Juice} said...

I'm so obsessed with grey! My kitchen cabinets are grey and look very similar to the Sharkey grey color so that's my pick! You'll love it! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Lauren said...

I sure will - look for it this weekend!