05 March 2013


As you know, I pretty much always have design on the brain. I go to bed thinking about it (usually curled up with my iPad and pinterest)...dream about it...and wake up more than ready to face the day doing what I absolutely love. So, here's a few of those design-related things that I've really been eyeing (and thinking, wishing, dreaming about) as-of-late:

Red velvet sofas..nearly as delicious as their confectionery counterpart. 

Molten hot chocolate...in super white cups and saucers. A perfectly pretty afternoon spread, no?
Oh how I love my own from Fish's Eddy. Seriously. Best dinnerware buy ever.

 Black and white tile. Our love affair will never end. 

Paneled interior shutters. Perfection...in every way.
Hoping to adorn our cottage windows with a pair that are just the same.

Give them to me.

If they weren't all a million dollars, I would use one as my headboard.

A-typical, super-plush window boxes that are spilling over with gorgeous blooms.

Stunningly simple wallpaper that's muted...and textured.
Why yes you may live in my new hallway. Like, now.

 Gorgeously-hued (and patterned) jackets, mixed with acid washed jeans and chic heels.
Leave it to Zara to always do a number on me.

Perfectly simple and classic facades. 
This girl's been dreaming up all sorts of similar combinations
for the exterior of our little cottage...and my studio.

All perfectly pretty, well-designed things...no?
Inspiration. It really lives everywhere.

Hope yours is just as inspired.

P.S. if any of the above photos aren't linked to a source, you can find them here.

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Unknown said...

awesome loves! - i'm with ya on most of em'!!!