06 December 2011


Alright my pretties (and any Mr.'s who may be reading this, as my Maple pointed out that could be so, and you probably don't like being called pretty...)

She. Is. Done.

The blog, that is.  There are a few more tweaks to come (email button, twitter, etc.), but for the most part this is our new look!  I wanted something a bit more simple and classic, and I needed it to reflect my new brand identity:

Above is a sneak peak at the front of my biz cards. I love the logo: classic, clean, and effective. The idea was to keep the text simple, and, when I get bored, I can change the background. But for now it will be a subtle, letterpressed snakeskin texture. 

The three triangles are my so-called "emblem," and they'll find a place on the back of my bizcards. I'll also be printing them on letterhead, envelope liners, etc. etc.  I love the symbolism hidden behind their simple yet striking presence: triangles are one of the most significant primary shapes in geometry. They're known for their inherent stability, and are often used in structural systems due to the fact that they cannot be easily altered or broken. Yet despite the shape's unmatched strength and solidity, it becomes entirely dynamic when tipped onto one of it's sides. Over thought? Maybe. But there's one more representation: my brilliant logo designer reminded me that I live at the beach, and the triangles are a geometric representation of those salty ocean waves I so greatly adore. 

So there you have it. A breakdown of my brand identity. And, because I love mixing unexpected elements in my designs, the cards' edges will be painted in a stunning shade of peacock blue. Can't wait to start handing them out--though I'm afraid they'll be too pretty for me to easily let go :)

In the meantime, if you have any blog or design-related questions, feel free to email me! You know I love hearing from you.    hannah@hannahmaple.com

And thanks for bearing with me! I'm so excited to be launching my very own design firm, and can't wait to provide you with loads of daily eye candy and unmatched inspiration.



Katherine said...

can't wait to see what the future holds for you! love your style and that dental office looks fab!

Amy said...

congratulations! your new look is fantastic. so chic, just like your aesthetic!

Hannah Maple said...

Thank you both for being so sweet and supportive!!

Carrie Shain said...

I love the new look! I happened upon your blog about a year ago and I enjoy your design style! I am recently married and a new homeowner and have found your blog as inspritation for many things in my home. You have a great eye!