07 December 2011


And guess what? It's already been accompanied by a few birthday-perfect surprises:


ONE:  Our camellia out front conveniently decided to flower (reason #942 I love the South--December blooms).  This is perfect (and funny) because we didn't even know what this giant shrub was for about six months, and it's a winter bloomer so once we discovered it was a camellia, we had to wait patiently to see what color and variety it would show to be. So now we know--hot pink with white splatters--and I love her.

TWO: U.O. was having a 50%-off-the-sale-price sale. I scored these $100 knee-high boots I've been eyeing for two years for...drum-roll...$20. Oh, and it just so happened they only had my size left. A birthday meant-to-be.

THREE: Fresh-squeezed OJ accompanied my early-morning wakeup call (he's so good to me).

FOUR:  So did a homemade tomato, feta, mushroom arugula frittata (yum), and...

FIVE:  the cutest dang coffee service I ever did see. 

So, this bday gal is feeling pretty blessed today, and entirely thankful for all you readers and your sweet emails, comments, and constant encouragement. THANK YOU! You're really the best.

And sorry for the super late-in-the-day post. Despite what it seems, today's been busy, busy.


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