13 October 2011

Dental office design.

So, I've hinted around a bit that I've had a pretty big project in the works. Tyler, my dentist friend, hired me to design his brand new dental office that he's starting with his business partner, Chris. The project's been in the works (for me, at least) since June, but being that we're outfitting a bare-bone space, construction has taken predominance the past four months or so.  Well, we're getting down to the wire: the opening soiree is scheduled for October 28th, and the practice's official first day of biz will be November 1. That means we're busy, and finally getting to see the fruition of four months of decision making. As with any project, there's been a few hiccups, but overall the project's gone relatively smoothly. I'm so excited and proud to see our efforts and visions come together; the space already is, and will be, phenomenal.

Take a peek:
(sorry for the terrible iphone photos...it's just so handy!)

Above is the hallway leading from the waiting room to the employee lounge (the very end destination).
To the right (in between the shiplap walls) are seven operatories, or exam rooms. 
Painting and detailed finishes await this hall...but she's looking mighty good, I'd say!

And...simply because it makes me happy: a light-filled view of the hallways from the waiting area.
Stunning, eh?

The electrician's scheduled to install fixtures this afternoon, so our morning consisted of determining the correct height for our SEVEN burlap pendants--custom made, I might add :) They're nothing but gorgeous, and will make a breathtaking addition to that oh-so-long hall.

Here she be: the wall of problems. Okay, not entirely, but this final look was accomplished only after several headaches. But that comes with the territory of being visionaries, I guess. We aren't always practical. Perfection is the outcome, though! Tyler's wish for shiplap is finally realized.

Hey--that's me--climbing ladders and holding my breath--because see that glass globe? It was entirely custom made, which means, if it breaks--we're in super hot water. Those lights are exquisite and I am more than pleased with their turnout--antique brass sockets n' all!

Here we have one set of exam room custom cabinets. To give you a point of reference, the shiplap walls (in the hallway) are on the other side of this unit. I'm standing (taking the photo) right where the dental chairs will be!

And here's another exam room photo--Tyler (the dentist) and the cabinetmaker discussing some issues. Tyler's super creative and had a vision to divide the exam rooms with these custom storage units that will host bi-fold doors. Lewis (cabinet dude) did a phenomenal job--and that gray! I can't get over it! Laminate's never looked so good :)

Boxes and boxes of lights! It's a bit hard to tell, but we chose to do a two-tone paint treatment in this consult room. It's nestled between the gray waiting room and white exam rooms, so I really wanted this space to transition well. Accomplished! We're digging the look.

So the install begins on our custom built-ins. This is the far right unit.
A built-in bench and a dark gray shiplap backer will connect this unit with the second.
Julia, the architect, was amazing, and did a wonderful job of relaying Tyler's dreams into blueprints.

And speaking of that second unit...

I'm totally in love with the gray paint we chose. It's "Cyberspace" by Sherwin Williams--not too black, not too blue--just the right shade of gray. We were like little kids this morning--completely giddy over this piece and how well it's turning out! Finishing touches will include a custom seat cushion, bolsters, and throw cushions, a large piece of modern art, and two side-mounted sconces with burlap shades. The perfect, well-curated mix of modern and rustic--just what the Doctor ordered--quite literally...  :)

So there you have it: a not-so-little sneak peak at the project of a lifetime. Seriously--I'm so blessed to be a part of this amazing project and have had an absolute blast putting together design schemes, choosing finish after finish (everything from flooring, to plumbing fixtures, to door hardware), dreaming up custom window and fabric treatments, selecting furniture, and buying the accessories. Lots of hard work, meetings, phone calls, shopping trips, and internet orders later--our hopes, visions, and dreams are finally being realized. 

Well...that's what my day looks like. 
It's almost the weekend :)

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The Egg said...

so proud of you! looks fantastic. is it possible to call a dentist's office...chic??

the egg out west.