14 October 2011

Light it up.

A crucial component to executing a successful design plan is knowing where to spend your money. I'm a firm believer that good design doesn't have to be equated with a scary high price tag, but there are certain details that are well-worth splurging on. Lighting is one of those. It's essential to highlighting the architectural bones of your space, and the biggest factor in creating ambiance. And by splurge I don't necessarily mean big dollar signs--you could find an incredibly inexpensive lamp with loads of character--but the shade you don it with can make or break it's influence in a room (what I mean is--spend the extra few buckaroos and get yourself a well-made shade that doesn't show big seems and cheap construction).  A word of advice: have fun with your lighting. Don't be shy. Take a risk and go bold. It's such an effortless way to flank a design with that one-of-a-kind, custom aesthetic:

 Love these as reading lamps in a master--juxtaposed with crisp white bedding and simple nightstands.

 Emerald and gold. These would make the perfect jumping off point to an entire design scheme.

I'm totally into the regality of brass at the moment--so these naturally make me happy.
Also finding myself drawn to the clean architectural/geometric details.

They're crazy--I know. But how cool would these neon sconces be
in a traditional-modern space? They'd be the perfect accent to simple art hung
 above a dining room buffet.

These shades are doing the cork-wrapped bases any justice. How amazing would malachite shades be? Hmm...will have to look into that :)

Candelabras can be tricky. This modern, tailored one does the trick :)

I'm loving this mid-century chandelier and would kill to see it in a marble-walled bath.

 Masculine. Tailored. Regal. Yes, please. 
They'd be a stunning addition to an entry console. Those first impressions matter!

How fun would this french chandelier be above a kitchen island?
Loving the arrows and that green, antiqued sphere. 

You really couldn't go wrong with these french feather sconces...especially flanking
the mirror of an elegant, simple master bath.

Like I said: be bold, take risks, and have fun with your lighting. 
It makes all the difference in the world and goes a long way in making a space look original.
Thank you, firstdibs, for being crazy amazing. (The above lights all hail from their site.)

On another note:
Enjoy that weekend of yours.

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Katherine said...

Wow such gorgeous lighting options - thank you for sharing :)