12 October 2011

Currently digging:

The onset of fall is *finally* upon us here in the (somewhat) deep south, which means I'm gearing up for dark, wintry hues to match the bleaker days that are ahead. I'm not much of a bright, pastel girl to begin with--I'm drawn toward darker, moodier colors and things--but I'm especially digging and dreaming of rich, masculine hues; sleek lines; bold pattern, shape, and texture; and gold--lots of gold--to add a contrasting layer of reflective metal to all those moody darks.

So there you have it.
My October mood board, if you will.
Dark, rich, and filled with textural interest.
I'll take one of each, please...especially that gold-flanked table. Love.

What things are you craving for fall?

Note: I have a terrible habit of not always documenting my online finds. If you have any questions about any of the above items--email me! I'll happily find them for you :)

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