27 May 2011


White walls: tired, or true? I, personally, like to be a little more daring and infuse my personal space with cozy, carefully-selected hues. Maybe it's the years we've spent living in dingy, white-walled apartments that led me to choose a soothing palette of grays and browns, but--there's certainly something to be said for clean, white, seamless walls, like those found in the home tour below. I love the design aesthetic: clean yet eclectic; warm yet modern. The white walls really provide the perfect backdrop for their carefully edited artwork, and the heavy, velvet pillows and draperies really soften the austerity of the space. And...those kitchen tiles...need I say more?

Take a look at the kitchen sink: I love the simplicity of the stainless faucet floating on the white, flat wall. More and more I find myself leaning toward a backsplash-free backdrop, and (more out of budgetary reasons), will be doing just that in our own kitchen. Those antique-bronze wall lamps are stunning, and the floor pillows and the draped, slipcovered chair make the perfectly tailored space warm and inviting.

So...enjoy the above eye candy, and your *hopefully* long, holiday weekend; may it be filled with good company, amazing food, warm sunshine, and long, leisurely days  (I know ours will).

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Claire M. said...

Very simple but I love it so elegant

Claire M.