06 June 2011

Summer. It's here.

Hello, long-lost friends. I'm beginning to think maybe you were a bit worried about me...like...I'd fallen into a pit, or something equally incapacitating (Parks and Rec watchers--you know what I mean). Life's actually had me pretty unbelievably busy these past few weeks: I made the giant/scary/exciting transition to being 100% self-employed (umm...what?!) and have been so incredibly blessed with a constant stream of work which = deadline after deadline. Fingers crossed it stays that way :) So, my apologies that blogging has been pushed to the back burner. Here goes my 42nd attempt to reviving Maple and Shade's regular scedule... :)

Summer's certainly set-in here in Charleston. And you know what? This year I think I'll embrace it. Shocking...I know...but no more wishing away that sweltering sun in high hopes for boots, scarves, and steamy cups of coffee. Maybe the fact that we now have central air has helped my outlook a bit, but, I've also come to the realization that in order to be a devout Charlestonian you pretty much have to worship summer's weather. Maple and I have made a pretty good start by conquering house-projects galore (ohh...home-ownership) and making batch after batch of summery strawberry muffins (duh)

Anyway, it's so fun settling into our new house. We've been homeowners for nearly three months now, and although progress has been a bit slow...it's also been steady. It's good to remind myself where we started, and how much more I'll appreciate the home we make for ourselves if it takes time, sweat, and maybe a few tears. 

Anyway, we've been knocking out some small-scale projects little by little...this trellis being one of them. Just look at this little gem my handsome Maple made me. There's a very bare wall outside our kitchen window, so, being the handy hubby that he is, Maple tacked together some individual pieces of lumber he found and attached them to the exterior wall (so much cheaper than pre-assembled trellises). We stained the wood black and planted some sweet-smelling confederate jasmine, which by next spring should have climbed the trellis with gorgeous white blooms. Can't wait :)

Mmm...now for those strawberry muffins...

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mrs. welch said...

Can you pretty please post your strawberry muffin recipe? I would LOVE it!