13 May 2011

The village.

Life is pretty good at the moment. Holed up in the West Village of NYC partaking in 7am big-city yoga, sipping espresso and working in cool-vibed coffee shops (amongst film producers, I might add--yes, I eaves drop), lunching in quaint eateries with a best friend, walking the brownstone-laced streets (gazing at Brooke Shield's new house around the corner), taking in all the sights and sounds this eclectic, bustling neighborhood has to offer. I keep telling Bea--who I'm crashing with--that all I really want to do is see a celeb. Sad...I know...but pretty much true. I'm thinking the closest I'll get (because that's just my luck) is the photos of Jude Law and one of the Olson's I saw on the wall of Economy Candy--the floor to ceiling, knock-you-over-it's-so-ridiculous, infamous East Village candy store. It was amazing, and we ventured home on the subway snacking on candy I had never even seen before. Bea thinks I had a deprived childhood because I didn't have a crammed-full candy drawer at my disposal, so she's desperately trying to makeup for that void in my life. I'm okay with that :)

Anyway...a few pics documenting my first day of six in NYC:

I had more--but for some reason blogger is really not liking them at the moment and won't let me upload. By the way--did any of your posts mysteriously disappear?

Well, I'm off to finish up some work and make a tour of the West Village as we make our way to dinner. HAPPY FRIDAY.

See you next week :)


UpperBottom said...

hi, first time visitor here. this post makes me really miss the city- i've only been there a few times but i love it.

great pictures!

nice meeting you!


Claire M. said...

I just love the photos ;)