18 May 2011

Of course.

It always happens this way. I'm writing to you from the bleak, rather depressing interior of La Guardia (I mean...did they have to make it gray and maroon?), folks--because it never fails:
my flight is wayyy delayed.

This weather has been something else: days and days of rain and fog.  I really didn't mind it until now--afterall--Charleston is on the brink of being a million degrees with matching humidity (okay...being a bit dramatic here) so floating around the city in a jacket and scarf really wasn't unwelcome in my book. But here I am, just wanting to get home to my hubby (who leaves tomorrow, I might add), and I'm watching that tall, towering skyline disappear amongst the gray, filmy rain.  Let's just hope this pour-storm dissipates so my flight can pick me up.

The only upside?

Ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani just smiled at me...


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