14 April 2011

h.i.m. (happy, in the morning)

A random assortment of the pretty finds I'm loving this morning:

Hope you have a wonderfully-inspired day yourself :)

I'm off to the garden...
Maple and I built and filled a raised garden bed the night before last.I planted my tomatoes and rosemary yesterday morning in hopes the leaves would somehow change from a not-so-good yellow to bright green once their roots hit that good, mushroom-compost soil (erasing all evidence of my horribly brown thumb). It hasn't happened yet. Sorry, maters...someday you will be properly loved. (Oh, and did you know planting rosemary around your tomatoes wards off squirrels? Awesome...I know).

Anyway, now I have to get the rest of my herbs into that good ground. So excited--we'll be growing cilantro, basil, rosemary, mint, sage and thyme. Oh, and lettuce greens. Gosh I hope I'm not being overzealous and wayyy overestimating my gardening skills. This should get interesting :)

So...happy Thursday.
Yes, it's almost the weekend.

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