15 April 2011

Finally...our color palette.

So...designing your house is horrible. It's terrible. It is so dang difficult. I can help other people with not even an ounce of hesitation...no problem...at all.  And I love doing that. But my own house? Ohhh has it been rough. I guess there's just too many things I love...too many design styles I love...to many fabrics, colors, pillows, rugs....you name it...that I love. It's been interesting...and pretty slow going. But I'm realizing patience is a virtue for good reason, and I have to be okay with the fact that snapping my fingers, no matter how hard I close my eyes and no matter how much sugar I plead to sprinkle on top...will not get the job done.

Anyway, Maple and I have accomplished a great feat that will *hopefully* help pull the rest of the house together a bit more easily: a color palette. And my gosh, was that a task. But we did it...and I love it. And yes, I am second guessing it...but maybe that's because there is nothing in any of the rooms but paint, and looking at looming bare walls of paint can be a bit overwhelming. So, anyway, we wanted warm, cozy neutrals that were still a bit daring. (Yes, that sounds like an oxymoron.) As much as I love white walls, we wanted to step outside that comfort zone. And, we don't want our house to look like everyone elses...or the trends of the time. So, we went with warm browns and grays and are accentuating them with white, black, and some random pops of color through textiles.

So, here you have it...the color palette we've finally decided upon that will be incorporated (somehow, someway) in every room of the house. The walls won't all be the same color, but we'll be pulling in each of these hues to give the house a good, free-flowing feel. By no means do I want every room to look the same, but I also don't want it to be distracting or too busy by not being cohesive.

There you have it: the three main hues we're working with...each from *Sherwin WIlliams.  And below those colors are a few inspiration photos I've pulled to give you a good idea of what I have in mind for those shades of gray and brown! What do you think? Can't wait to show you how it's all panning out. So far, our living room/dining room/entry way combo is painted curio gray. The kitchen cabinets are getting coated in urbane bronze, the hallway is worldly gray, the laundry room is white, and the den will be a combination of white and urbane bronze. Oh, and several of our interior doors are getting slathered with urbane bronze. I kind of, sort of, maybe really love that color :)

*Yes, Sherwin Williams can be a bit expensive, but they've been running amazing 30-40% off deals on all their paint the last few weekends. If you've got some painting projects lined up that you're wanting good-quality paint for, it's worth looking into when their sales will be and planning your paint-buying around them. And, another hint--you're paying for the paint itself, not the colors. So, if you're undecided on paint colors but want to take advantage of the discount, buy the untinted paint and simply have them tint it (there's no cost for that) when you're ready!

So...it's Friday. I hope it's perfectly lovely for you. Mine will be busy, busy...but so fun. Maple and I are gearing up to build (yes...I said build) our dining table and built-in bench and finish up some much-needed painting, as we're hosting a dinner group at our house next weekend.

Eeek. Anyhow...happy Friday, and happy weekend.

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