11 April 2011



{ Dolce Vita Pela Wedge;  Ray-Ban aviators;  Urban Outfitters canvas carry on;  
Urban Outfitters geometric shirt;  loft photo via Pinterest }

May is already around the corner (where has this year even gone?) which means I'll be packing my carry-on and headed to NYC for a five-day, big-city escapade. That National Stationery Show is the reason behind my trip, but I'll be squeezing in some much-needed time with NYC-dwelling friends, networking (I hope) amongst other creatives, photographing the bustling sights of the big-city streets, sipping espressos in eclectic cafes, eating the most delicious of fare, and missing my hubby something terrible. But I. AM. SO. EXCITED. And already planning what to pack, of course :) Can't wait to show you all that I get into!

Anyhow, happiest Monday,
Hope it's a wonderful start to your week.

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