03 February 2011

Work from home--and do it well.

Working from home today on several looming deadlines (and therefore procrastinating a bit), which got me thinking--or dreaming--of our soon-to-be home office. This new house has my mind reeling--Maple and I can't wait to settle in, get organized, and spread out. We'll finally have some space to work, and best of all--it will be in a room that's totally dedicated to that (verses our current office/living room/dining room combo). 

So here it is: a home office inspiration board that makes days spent working at home so totally worth it.

So, what do you think?
Do any of you work from home...even if only on occasion (like me)?
If so, what's your office like? What do you love about it? What do you recommend?
Would so love to hear!

1 comment:

cara said...

i recommend a sexy spousal secretary... that's what i would have...