03 February 2011

Here to Keep.

Hello lovelies! I have someone I'd just love for you to meet. He's tall, dark, Australian, and ever-so handsome. He's sturdy, reliable, well-kempt...even warm...and he really loves a good latte.

I sure think so...

He is my new Keep Cup (a big thank you to my big brother)...and he's almost up to par with my Maple (sorry, Keep Cup, you don't fix breakfast in bed...or do you?).

I can be a wee bit picky about things (my coffee mugs are one of those peculiarities), and I. just. love. this. one. I wanted something that's sleek (no handles, please), easy to clean, lightweight, good quality, and BPA-free. And this, fellow coffee-connesiuers, is it.  And the best part? You can mix + match the colors and it's totally dishwasher and microwave safe. SOLD.

Plus...he looks good on my desk.

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