11 February 2011

Perfect for your pocketbook: Zara

One thing I love about the brink of spring?
Massive sales on cozy winter goods. I love stocking up for the upcoming season--especially on items that aren't too trendy so you won't be dawning last year's duds the next time the air turns cold. Anyway, I've been doing just that--searching for sales that are too good to pass up, and let me tell you: Zara has just that. Lucky enough to live near the Euro-chic retailer? If so (I'm entirely envious) you need to go to there:

Perfection--I know.
The best part? All these finds are super cheap--like $50 or less.
And...I adore the luxe detailing they give to their budget-friendly pieces. They certainly don't skimp when it comes to design.

The perfect weekend shopping spree? A big yes, if you live in a big city (which right now I'm wishing I did). So, if you are in fact lucky enough to be Zara-bound...think of me while you're replenishing your wardrobe on the cheapo.

Thank goodness :)

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