11 February 2011

It's the weekend

Therefore I'm going to:
*Make a mess of my kitchen...in a good way...baking and cooking and whipping up treats.
*Conquer the indoor rockwall with my hubby...our newest Saturday morning tradition.
*Shop the goods at an estate sale right down the street...hoping to score some finds for the new house.
*Finish building a headboard for an NYC apartment design I'm working on.
*Go fabric scouting for the same apartment...and for our new casa... :)
*Work, work...and do some more work...my freelance projects are piling up (yay!)
*Round up styling props for a mag photoshoot I have next week
*Eat a scrumptious, homecooked din (with amazing friends) at our very first monthly Supper Club meal
*do our Sunday morning church thing
*maybe, just maybe start packing a few things (am I getting ahead of myself here? We haven't officially closed on the new diggs yet...)
*hope there's some time left for lounging around on the couch with Maple, the pup, a good book and a frothy espresso.

Oh my...oh-so-busy...but that's a good thing :)

1 comment:

adrian said...

sounds divine! mine includes many similarities - LOVE them!