10 February 2011

Inspired by: pretty things.

*How striking is Kate Winslet? Loving her chic, messy up-do.
*And those flowers...
*European architecture--I'd give anything to go back to those wonder-filled streets.
*Almost beach weather...itching to stick my toes in the sand and feel that salty breeze.
*Then again...winter I really will miss. Wishing our  landscape was enchanted like these snow-covered,   tree-speckled hills.
*Prettied workspace: I like you.
*Europe--again--they sure know how to do design their dwellings.
*Hmm...I think I need glasses...especially those pretties :)
*I wouldn't mind getting lost in a berry-covered thicket...in fact...maybe I will try someday.

Hope your morning's just as pretty.


Balancing Lisa said...

Beautiful photos! I'm feeling inspired!


Amelia Bedelia said...

I couldn't agree more about Kate Winslet. She is my favorite. So stunning. So classy. So perfectly British.