09 February 2011

Antique 8-foot farm table:

We need a decent dining table...and a pretty big one at that. So I've been perusing Craigslist, assuming I'd be sorting through a lot of overpriced junk that would probably never make it through our new front door. And then I found her:

FOR $325. 

I fell in love.
I emailed the owner...feverishly.
He said he'd "sold" it, but the guy had never come back to get it.
I thought about offering more. I guess maybe I should have...
So I followed up on her yesterday, and yes...
she's gone.

Sad, right? She would've been oh-so-pretty in our new place.


rebeccamay said...

oh she is a beauty!! the bf and i just picked up an antique weathered zinc door ($395..steal!)with plans to make it into a dining room table in the future!

I love the rustic look of the wood tho!...hopefully you find another one :)

Alex said...

No way! $325? My mouth dropped open on that one. What a steal! As sad as it is that you missed out on it, I guess it was just not meant to be the table for the new Maple digs. Can't wait to see all the fabulous things you find to fill your new home with. I will be sure to holler next time I am in Charleston. I miss it so.

Lauren said...

You and the Maple could totally make one. They're super duper easy and cheap. I put together my farmhouse table top out of 6ft boards from Lowes which cost me only $24 and some gorilla glue which cost $3. When it gets warm enough to work outside I'll put the frame and legs on (which came from a crappy craigslist table for cheap-$50)!! Then we'll bang the crap out of it and refinish... voila! I'll let you know if it works and good luck with the house accessorizing... I'm excited to follow your finds through your blog!

maple said...

Rebecca: That zinc door sounds amazing! You must send pics!

And yes, Alex: sad but true--wasn't meant to be. Definitely making a hike to Pickens County Flea Market--have you heard of it? Right outside of Greenville...so excited :)

Lauren:if I don't find another table, I'm totally going this route! You MUST post pics! So want to see the finished result :)