07 December 2010


 breakfast surprise (served in bed) from my adorable hubby

 a mysterious morning package from my beloved Anthropologie

 homemade cake from the best very best neighbors

 the most amazing measuring cups (nestled inside the Anthro package), thanks to my sis

and this little Christmas shag


the best 25th birthday morning EVER.



Also, a note of remembrance today, to all those families and victims of Pearl Harbor and WWII

and to my father-in-law, Sam Maple, the loving, high-spirited jockey *umm..isn't this pic just awesome?! looks just like my Corey, just a wee bit shorter :) * who I never had the pleasure of meeting--he married the love of his life (and my hubby's mom) today.



Unknown said...

awe i LOVE it all - happy birthday lovey!!!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

adrian hitt said...

happy birthday, sweet hannah! i love little poppy :)

Sara said...

happy happy birthday hannah!
-sara (from church!)

Balancing Lisa said...

Happy birthday! Love the measuring cups!! so cute!


Beth said...

happy birthday! :) i hope you have a sweet 25th!

ali v. said...

a very very happy birthday--sounds like it's been a great one so far! hope the last few hours are splendid :) xo

Kelly said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

maple said...

Thanks to ALL for the birthday wishes!! Love my readers :)