06 December 2010

Oh, Monday.

Eeek. I've totally been "one of those:" a blogger that infrequently posts and leaves their readers clamoring for more inspiration. I. AM. SO. SORRY.

It's just taken me a week or two to find a good balance and get in the swing of things. A new full time job + finishing up my part-time job + freelance design work + freelance magazine projects + holiday and birthday celebrations has meant I've had no time and heavy eyes at the end of each super long day. But no worries--and no complaining--I LOVE where I am right now. But I do promise one thing: back to blogging!

So, to start, a design board I put together for my friend's apartment in NYC. She and her hubby are fairly new to their big city apartment so she sought my eye in making it feel more like a home. I did some scouting and came up with these finds for the bedroom (which they were thrilled about). I wanted it to feel restful, eclectic, luxurious, and warm...which we totally achieved by mixing cozy fabrics (dark gray linen headboard and green velvet throw pillows), adding in hints of gold for warmth, and softening the room with long, puddling window panels and a gorgeous, printed rug...all for an incredibly reasonable price tag, I might add!

I'll post the living room when I'm done perusing for that scheme!

But for now...HAPPY MONDAY

P.S. thanks for all the espresso machine advice! You all are the best. Can't wait to get my coffee-craving hands on one :)


ali v. said...

I'm loving the little touches of color, like with the orchids--it's perfect! Yay for helping friends decorate! Keep the inspiration coming! xoxo

Kelly said...

looks great!!

and I've been having that sporadic blogging type couple of weeks as well...it happens! your readers still love you!