04 May 2010


it's raining.
but i am feeling this happy today.
partly because i love the rain. (i know, who really loves the rain?)
but i do.
i love the rain and have been thirsting for a drizzly break from the daily sunshine.
don't get me wrong...i love the sunny city of Charleston.
but, the rainy facade of today is a welcome change :)

also so happy and amazed at how quickly this city has become our home.
i miss my KY friends so very terribly, and cannot wait to visit with them (tomorrow!!),
but am feeling so blessed at the abundance of new friends we've made in the south.
had a wonderful new friend for dinner last night and off to assist some new friends
with arranging their home and preparing for baby tonight.
one again, feeling so happy.

and speaking of yellow,
i've been reading a book that is absolutely too good not to share.
and i must throw a disclaimer in with my rave: be careful. it's unearthing. it's mind-reeling and has the potential to cut right into your heart and make you want to get up from the computer and go do something passionate and incredible and life-changing. 
it's a story worth the read. 
a story that will change your story, which maybe won't make a bit of sense til you open that happy, yellow cover. 

it's written by the author of Blue Like Jazz if you are familiar.
and entirely worth the 254 pages of soul-stirring type.
certainly the best book i've read in years, and maybe even in all of my years...
i'm quite the advocate, if you can't tell :)

so, anyway, i hope your day is happy and bright...
just like the color yellow.

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amymurphy said...

i have been thinking about seeking out a new book to read... then i stumbled across this blog entry of yours and there was the recommendation that i needed! just from reading your review and after a quick glance at other reviews online, i am sold. i cannot wait to pick this up and start reading.