03 May 2010

wash cycle.

so today has comprised solely of laundry.
yes, we had a lot.
our new apartment doesn't have a laundry hookup, 
so we were forced to leave our washer + dryer at home.
i originally thought this was a tragedy.
that i would dread the laundromat with everything in me...

...i actually quite love it.
it smells so clean.
the sound of the dryers churning is really quite soothing.
i can get all of my six loads done in about an hour,
AND, and...i love the vintage appeal of the interior.
i know. i know. sad, but true.

i wish i had taken my camera.
ours has orange dryers. :)

1 comment:

Christina said...

jay says you're more thank welcome to come to new york and do our laundry... annnyyyy time you'd like.