19 May 2010

thrifty window decor idea.

i'm a renter.
i'm sure many of you are in the same boat.
and, if not, perhaps you are still in search of thrifty decor ideas.
i am constantly on the hunt for such!

so, i thought i'd share on of my own.
you see, i have these amazing curtains that i made a few years ago and will probably never tire of:

i LOVE the yellow fabric and how happy it is.
so i put them in our kitchen--which is very white. (which i happen to very much like).
white countertops.
white cabinets.
white walls.
white stove.
like i said...very white.
so yellow is a welcome addition.

we have this row of windows over the sink and i was planning on buying more of the happy yellow fabric to sew cafe curtains, because, well...i love cafe curtains. they let in so much light and are just...peachy.

so, we are on a shopping trip to target to acquire random apartment things you need when you move, and i happen to spot a placemat that very much resembles the happy yellow fabric i love.
and...the placemat is embroidered. sold and SOLD.

so this gets my wheels up there churning...and i'm very excited...because i'm thinking i won't have to sew a thing (which i am definitely not entirely able to do).

i end up buying two tension rods and a set of cafe curtain hooks and four of the placemats.

i didn't measure...
and they are a little short.
but i am ok with that because they are still happy and make my windows look much better than they did.

so, behold:
p.s.  i realize i say "so" alot :)

okay...again...behold :

and there you have it.
my $20 decorating idea.
the placemats were $3 each. the tension rods a couple of dollars. the hooks at most $5.
they coordinate quite well with the original, don't you think?
and lesson learned: don't be as impulsive as i am. measure beforehand.
anyhow, i thought it was too nifty not to share.

oh, and look: there's the mister. cooking breakfast. all the while matching the kitchen.
so color-coordinated, dear.


Christina said...

i LOVE. if i had windows this would be very helpful.

Christina said...

omg. and i forgot to tell you. my parents are getting me a kitchen aid mixer. FINALLY. and guess what color i'm getting?

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Jim said...

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