17 May 2010

a night of wine and lots of toasts.

so i mentioned we recently traversed the 8.5 hours home to kentucky for a weekend filled with celebratory occasions.
the most fun was this one: my friend Geneva's 30th bday celebration, thrown by her A-Okay hubby, Bo.
when i say A-Okay i mean he did it well.
he rented a barn at a vineyard for the night, treated us all to a wine tasting and plenty of Kentucky Ale and even flew bbq from the infamous Salt Lick in Texas.
(Bo + Geneva are from Austin...Geneva was working at Salt Lick when she met Bo).
so it was fun, to say the least...
and i even have the pictures to prove.

it was the best of times with the best of friends.
was a night that lives in infamy...
purely because i miss them all so, so much.

and, that stache on my hubs is awesome--but also a joke.
not sure why i felt the need to clarify ;)

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