24 May 2010

...the BIG announcement!!

okay, fellow readers.
it's finally here...
the revealing of my "big announcement."
i hope i haven't built it up too much :)

maybe you know, maybe you don't, but i've gotten into graphic design lately:
designing blogs, logos, small websites, business / personal branding elements...
anything you can think of, really.
so, i thought it necessary to create a business for myself...along with a website...to extend my services to you readers and anyone else who may be interested.


The Maple Studio....of graphic design.


like i said, hope i didn't talk it up too much.
if you're interested in a blog design or redesign, or any graphic design work really, visit the site or send an email to hellomaplestudio@gmail.com.

i hopefully look forward to hearing from you :)


Sarah Niklas said...

Hannah this is so exciting!!! I wish you the best of luck. It was so fun working with you!

Christina said...

hanny--i LOVE!!! i hope to be able to send lots of business your way!