24 May 2010

monday, someday.

started the day off bright and early dreaming of my very own office space.
this is nothing unusual...as i always have images of interior ideas swirling around in my head.
i'm excited for the day that i'm able to graduate from the dining room table (if you can even call it that, as it's quite tiny) and take over a closet/corner/room of my very own.
i miss my light blue parson's desk.
corey's computer hangs out on it.
i've learned to admire her from across the room.
but that's okay. i like to share. and maybe he doesn't appreciate her as much as i do, but he sure looks cute sitting there.
anyway, found some office areas of inspiration.
i'll have such a hard time narrowing down a scheme when that day does arrive.
til then, i can keep dreaming.

have any pics of your own work spaee or home office?
send them my way! mapleandshade@gmail.com
would love to see them as inspiration and even feature them on the blog.

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