27 April 2010


{nine west}
{nine west}
{calvin klein}

so very many pairs of shoes.
all in which i want.
this isn't even the half...
guess i will have to go on dreaming :) 


Jen said...

those nude pumps & boots are also on my list...LOVE 'EM! I wish nine west would have some pity on my pocketbook and just send me a pair or two for free!

Lauren Metelski said...

Daggone, Hannah... I was just getting over some shoe lust and now you've triggered another obsession.
Piperlime.com kills me!

maple said...

well, jen, if you figure out a way to convince nine west to send some free samples your way...share the wealth, please :)

and lauren, i do apologize...but i needed some others to share my shoe cravings. i was hoping it would put an end to them...not so much :)

Rachel said...

ohh i love the nine west ones!