29 April 2010

i gotta bike.

....and we're in love.
i just bought her a basket. she looks extra cute. can't wait to show you more pics.
just rode her to lunch...at a little french restaurant.
yes, today is an extra-good day.
check out my friend Bea's blog, too.
she started the same love affair with this mint beauty.

but now she needs a name. yes, i think she is worthy of a name.
any ideas? would love to hear.


birthisfun.com said...

congrats! it will change your life... mine did when i got 'her' back in january. yura and i often will meet for lunch (he rides his to work) and it sets the mood for the day!
enjoy... here's mine: http://www.birthisfun.com/blog/2010/04/a-basket-for-my-bike-a-doula-for-my-birth/

rkg said...
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rkg said...

ohhh heenah,

your new bike is SOOO YOU!! if you were a bike... you'd be this bike! corey always does good work!!

does corey have a bike? or is he just gonna run along side you with poptart?... maybe you guys should put a banana seat on it and a big basket in the front! lol totally kidding, but i could see you guys attempting it.

i miss you my dear banana! i'm so happy you guys are having a great time in your new home and i've been loving your blog posts!!