04 January 2010

Here's to 2010.

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Rather excited for this new year. It's sure to be filled with epic adventures, of the most exciting proportions. As I prepare to follow my dreams, and more likely, a foggy trail of chaos and uncertainty, I have to remember what's most important: my health, and my sanity.

So, thank you, 2010, for inspiring me to make this the healthiest year yet. Both physically, and mentally. I've learned so much about food and nourishment in the past few years, and I look back on the sodas I would drink and the candy I would eat and the meals I would consume with no regard to nutrients and how it would affect my health...and cringe. Ugh. To go back in time.

I mean, really...my roommate and I thought that movie night at our apartment went hand in hand with diet pepsi, doritos, a tub of Ben and Jerry's...and cinnamon rolls in the morning. How we did not weigh 600 pounds I DO NOT KNOW.

Thank goodness that's all in the past. And this year is sure to be my healthiest yet. So excited about yoga. And cooking. And being organized...in every aspect of my life. And making the decision to be happy no matter where I am or what venture I stumble upon. And making the most of life, and the time I have with the ones I love.

And thank you, Whole Living, for extra inspirational nudge you gave me this morning. :)

To living a healthy, well-balanced life...this year...and forever more.
Who's with me?!


Brit said...

bahaha I am crackin' up... why am I not obese?

Abby said...

Please tell me all the bad things you know about Diet Coke. I don't really want to know, but I drink faaaaar to many a day (sometimes 3.or 4.) and it can't possibly be healthy. Why did you quit drinking it?

maple said...

well, to be completely honest i stopped drinking it simply because i was frugal and couldn't afford/didn't want to spend the money on soft drinks at the grocery. then i started dating my husband, who just doesn't drink soft drinks...never has.

and, i don't really know what exactly is so bad in diet coke...or any soft drink for that matter, except for the fact that they don't benefit you in any way or give you any nourishment. so, if i drink anything, it's water...or juice...with nutrients.

and that's how and why :)

Rachel said...

I am with you ... or going to try.

What are some of the things you buy at the grocery most often?

Abby said...

Thanks, Hannah! Love the shopping list post also - never tried almond milk. Might have to try it out!

adrianhitt said...

here, here! you have inspired me to do better as well! happy new year to you three. i can't wait to hear what the year holds for you!