05 January 2010

Peek inside my pantry.

A few have asked, so I will tell. :) I try to keep a well-stocked pantry...and a natural one at that. I try to avoid "refined" foods at all costs...using whole wheat flour, brown sugar, honey and agave nectar instead of white sugar and I stock as many whole-grain, low-sodium, zero-transfat, low-sugar, natural and organic goods as possible. I've started to look at food with a new concept: every bite should be nourishing. If it's not, I really try to resist it.

And yes, my downfall is those dang peppermint bark Dove chocolates. I could eat a whole bag. They sit in a bowl, in my living room, constantly tempting me with their deceptive deliciousness. Have you had them? I mean, they are soo good.

And... white cheddar popcorn.

But, here's the consistencies on my grocery list:

organic salad greens
organic red pepper (truly can't live without these, I put red pepper in everything)
gorganzola (for a yummy pasta dish I love, and salads)
whole-grain pitas
Ezekiel Bread (if you haven't heard of sprouted grains, google this brand of bread)
Minute Maid pomegranate-blueberry juice
raspberry green tea (caffeine-free)
agave nectar (low-glycemic, natural sweetener)
avocados (also obessed with these)
canned black beans (I could eat them all day, everyday...in any thing)
whole grain pastas
no-salt added, organic diced tomatoes
organic tomato paste (I like to make my own tomato sauces vs. high-sodium cans)
frozen berries (for smoothies)
all-natural, low-sugar vanilla yogurt (a big tub)
whole-grain cheerios
almond milk (for coffee and smoothies)
ground turkey
organic chicken
frozen vegetables
edamame (shelled...so good to put in pasta dishes)
canned chickpeas

And there you have it. By no means perfectly healthy, but a good try, I think.
Just avoid processed foods.
Fresh fruits and veggies are always your best bet, and shop around the outside aisles of the grocery--this is where the natural, healthier foods tend to be :)


Jen said...

um wow. i think that's all i have to say. i can say with 100% honesty that i have NEVER purchased ONE item on your typical grocery list. oh my goodness. it all sounds so healthy and good but i'm about as picky as they come; i wish i could find things that were both HEALTHY and that made my mouth water! FIX MY TASTEBUDS!

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for the answer! I was eating out (probably my first mistake) last night and I thought "does cheesy bread do anything good for my body??" Probably not :(