30 December 2009

Maple and Christmas.

Yes, a bit overdue. Christmas is over {sigh} and it's nearly 2010. Can you even believe it?

But I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into our sweet little apartment all decorated for Cmas 2009.

By sweet, I mean...old. And umm..charming. Haha, lots of character. But really, it suits us to a tee. And I thought it was rather cozy and cute during the holidays. In fact, I'm prolonging the de-decorating...I dread how stark it will feel in comparison.

So, like I said, here's a glimpse.

Dining room credenza.
Amazing "Maple Flavor" sugar tin my sis gave me.

Our stockings filled....hung with care :)

My favorite little gold tree, beneath Seasons Greetings.
This makes me happy.

Candy cane kisses in a sterling bowl, atop a lovely plate, atop my favorite rustic,
rusted & peeling green stool.

Mason jars filled with cranberries, in the window sill.

My little reindeer. My mugs. My plates, and my mini Christmas tree.

Christmas cards adorning the dining room closet door.

Dining room tablescape.

And that messy little mut of mine.

So there you have it.
A Maple and Shade Christmas.
Our very first in our own place.
Can't wait to have our second.

p.s. so sorry for the pic quality of several of the above. My better camera has decided to become quite ornery, so I've had to resort to my college-days camera, which you can imagine is quite....weathered.

1 comment:

Brit said...

Hannah. if you gave me all of your Christmas decor in a pile and told me to decorate my house and make it pretty... it would look like crap. you have such an eye that I just do not have!!! haha I love it all. I just don't see how you can think of the things you do. it all looked great!

ummm and i love that K was in your picture.