28 December 2009

Photo session.

So, for Christmas my mother-in-law hired an amazing photographer to come to her home and snap a few photos of our crazy amazing family since we were all together at last (that rarely happens as all the Maples are now married and living in different places). It was so fun, and we are all so silly...and all so close. Nina really captured the essence of the Maple fam and how much we all adore being around one another.

Anyway...here's a few of my favs.

Me and my sis-in-laws, who I adore.

The Maples, Hoaglands, Hochhalters and Thomas'.
So fun.

And me and my Corey.
He's so cute.

And here we are again...appearing to be much more tame and serious
than we actually are.

And how stinking cute is this niece of mine. I just want to squeeeeze her.
She loves the fact that she and Auntie Hannah have matching
cowboy boots :)

The boys. Or, ahem, men. Playing football. Or attempting to.
Rather hard to do when your husband has a 100-pound black lab attached to his leg...
by his teeth.

And, duh. Of course we were going to pull out the extensive collection of rather
amazingly tacky Christmas sweaters and wear them, along with our antlers, in a picture.
I mean, duh.

So there you have it...some insight into my Maple Christmas.
Hope yours was just as lovely.
so sad it's over.
Can't wait until next year.

Have a wonderful Monday. :)


Jen said...

Those pics are absolutely adorable; the photographer did a fantastic job. How sweet that you all got to capture those memories together. I have Hoagland's in my family too! small world!

Hope your Christmas was VERY MERRY...it looks as though it was!


Brit said...

I just looked on the photographer's blog at all the pictures and the last one... omg...besides the fact that you and Corey look hilarious running towards the camera.... Roger...well... it looks like Roger killed the baby! It looks like the baby is either recovering from whip lash or flew off of his shoulders... please check it out and tell me if you see what I'm talkin' about.

maple said...

HAHAHAHA Brit I cannot even tell you how long we've all laughed about that picture. I mean, I'm cracking up typing this, just thinking about it. It's soo funny. Poor Star baby.

Brown Girl said...

So cute, what a beautiful family you have!! Love it!