18 November 2009


So it's been raining. All day. And I've been driving. All day. Which means I've had time to think...maybe too much...about too many things:
{brilliant photo above via Made You Blush}

Have I told you I'm obsessed with Bikram Yoga? If not, I am.

I want to go on vacation. Like, to the beach. And lay in a hammock. All day.

I want another dog. A bigger dog. A wheaten terrier, named Barley. So I can teach him to hang out the very back window of the 4Runner. (Poppy can't quite figure that one out).

I'm terrified of spiders. But I would probably eat one if I could only have a dishwasher. A real one. Not me. Or C.

C is off to Vegas this weekend. I should be sad. (I am). But, I'm also secretly excited to sit around and do nothing. Except read. And get a pedicure. And organize our closet. And make Christmas decorations. And watch movies...that he would loathe. And go to Bikram Yoga. Everyday. Maybe twice a day. Just kidding...but really, everday. And...go shopping? Hmm...

I want to be Martha Stewart. Not really. I just want to be able to hire all the brilliant people that work under her and make her millions. Yes, that would be nice.

I want to go to Guatemala. And Ethiopia. And love on all the babies and children and people who need love more than anyone else I can think of.

I want to adopt.

I can't wait for Seattle. In December. And sleeping in. Drinking coffee. In Pike Place. The Pike Place. And watching sea planes land in the Sound. And celebrating our bdays.

I sometimes think C is brilliant. Or maybe all the time. You should see (or taste) what he does in the kitchen. And he just makes it up. I mean...come on. I have to follow a dang recipe.

So...yes. Too much time to think. Thank you rain. And windshield wipers. And my job.

Oh, by the way...please remember my good friends in the morning (see post below). Surgery is 7 a.m.!


Katherine said...

everybody has been talking about hot yoga lately...where do you go? i'd like to try it!

adrianhitt said...

LOVE you, girl! you put my mind's thoughts onto paper so many times. :) (oh and i think the hubby and i are super close to getting our 2nd dog :) )

Jen said...

i agree with lots of those thoughts! especially the vacation on the beach, the wheaton terrier...and up until two month ago the dishwasher as well.

its terrible that every time i thought of cooking us dinner i would then rethink doing it all together because i would invision the sink full of dirty dishes that I would have to wash by hand :( YUCK...

Hope all you get to do all of those things & we'll be praying this morning!

Rachel said...

I would love to do hot yoga. Are much are the classes where you go?

Also, for my first year of marriage I lived in a 4-plex off of Cochran. For some crazy reason the unit had a dishwasher. I think it was like the only one in all of the 4-plex's! I don't know how I got so lucky, but now I feel super spoiled. Couldn't live with out it!

maple said...

Katherine and Rachel,

I take hot yoga at Bikram Yoga on Pasadena Drive in Lexington. If you've never been there before, they do a $30 for 30 days special. However, I'm not gonna lie..it gets pretty steap when that expires. Luckily, I'm still in my 30 days...and now I'm hooked. So, trying to decide if I'm gonna cough up the money..which I probably will :) It's so rewarding!

And Jen...you are so right!! I LOVE to cook, but loathe the dishes! it's amazing to realize how many dishes you go through to cook ONE meal. and, we should use paper plates, but I can't bring myself to do it. I guess I'd rather wash than give up my plates :)

And, Adrain...AGHH!!! that's awesome!! What kind are you all thinking? Are you gonna do a rescue? i'm so excited for you!