19 November 2009

Sigh of relief.

So happy tonight for the Harris family. For those of you awaiting the update, surgery went well. Not without a bit of a scare, but the Doctor's were able to take care of this little man and that teenie little heart of his. So, so happy. Not only for baby Hudson and his new chance at life, but for Bo and Geneva, and the inevitable sigh of relief they must be feeling. God has given them a healthy baby boy to bring home and love on.

Love you guys. So much. Love you, little H-man. Can't wait to feed you chocolate cake. And ice cream. And include you in our kitchen dance parties. And teach you all the embarrassing things your parents never wanted you to know about them. Because your heart is strong, and we can do that now :)

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Cathy and Marshall said...

I found your blog through a link on Dave and Brit Plus One's, who I found through the Pettijohns, who I found through Magnolias, Marriage, and Manhattan. Anyway, my heart absolutely broke for poor Hudson and his family when I read about him and saw his picture on Brit's blog, and I spent all last night praying for him. I am so so glad he is doing better!