23 July 2009

Ella Mint...minty fresh :)

So, friends...Ella Mint (my little design venture with my friend Annie), has been granted the amazing opportunity to design an entire loft with a Retro Mix design scheme for a non-profit design showcase here in Lexington. Thought I'd give you an inside look to the color palette we've chosen and are oh-so-excited about, as well as a link to a more thorough description of the event.

click here for more info.

Have a lovely, lovely day. C and I are actually sitting for the 3 kiddos I sit for...for 6 days...5 nights...while the parents are taking some much needed relaxation time in the Mexican sun. We, on the other hand, are having so much fun...anticipating parenthood. Hmm...maybe in 3-5 years instead of 5-7. :)

What do you think of the color palette? Unexpected retro? I'm so anxious to hear!!


jo said...

The colors look fresh & inviting! I like it ! xo.

Katherine said...

i came across this esty shop and it reminded me of you...thought you might want to take a look!


maple said...

you know me so well! i have that etsy store bookmarked!! :) thank you!

Mommy Webb said...

Love the colors, Hannah. You have such an eye for sweet, classic, romatic finishes! Pi love, Rachel @babywebbsite.com