21 July 2009

Shutter bugged.

I'm not much of a photographer...but I love to pretend anyway. I'm constantly rearranging trinkets within my home in order to make for a good photo (and therefore driving C quite mad). I love the creativity fix that comes from staging furniture and accessories to be captured by the wonderment of film (so, not to go off the deep end...but have you ever thought about film and how it's able to capture and reproduce a moment of our lives? mind-boggling). So I was taking a peek at my photo inventory tonight, and thought I'd post some of my favorite results. Hope they make you swoon the way they do me. :)

Each photo with the exception of one is of the beloved trinkets that comprise my home. The second photo from the top is of my friend & business partner's home...Annie. I'd love to hear your comments! And, if you happen to have any photos of your favorite collectibles, please feel free to send them my way. I'd love to feature some!

Have a wonderful night. I know I am :) Delicious tuna pita for dinner (okay, okay...and cheesy poofs. Okay...lots of them)...and mint brownies for dessert. I'm celebrating, and can't wait to post why!


jo said...

i like the photos!

Iva Messy said...

ohhh sooo cute! really nice photos. I hope you have a great weekend!

amymm said...

I love your photos! You have a good eye... very pleasing composition. Keep it up!

Rondell said...

Yeah I no what you mean. One time I took a picture of Junebug runnin through that sprinkler at the Tompkins house. There was a beautiful rainbow coming up out of the top of that water and Rondell caught it. Must have been because I took all them painting classes at Itawamba College that I now have an artistical perspective.