01 July 2009

Eggplant parmigiana.

I tried a new recipe from a lovely cookbook the other night and felt obliged to share it's ease and simplicity with you. I've been vying for eggplant parmigiana ever since I spotted those deep purple beauties at the farmer's market, and this dish was simply delicious. The recipe can be found amongst the pages of Jame's Beards American Cookery, a book that should be a staple in the kitchen, so I strongly urge that you give it a try. It surely won't disappoint. :)
(Recipe details listed at the bottom of the post).

...in 1/2 to 1 inch slices.

...with just a dusting on each side.

...in olive oil. When both sides are nearly browned, add two finely chopped garlic cloves to the mix.

Cover the bottom of a baking dish( I used a round dutch oven) with a layer of eggplant. Top that layer with a little bit of tomato sauce and sliced mozzarella. Continue to layer in this manner. Pour the remaining tomato sauce over the entire dish and sprinkle liberally with parmesan cheese. Add sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.

Isn't this table just lovely for a rustic dish like eggplant parmigiana?

For this dish you will need:
2 medium or 1 large eggplant
2 chopped garlic cloves
Olive oil
1 lb mozzarella cheese
1 1/2 cups tomato sauce
grated Parmesan cheese
salt & pepper

Mmm...i hope you delight in it as much as I did.

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Abby said...

My mom made me this when I was at the end of my pregnancy - supposedly, it's labor-inducing. No such luck with me, but it was delicious!