11 June 2009

Vintage bliss...in the kitchen.

So another day of work is done...and now it's time to dream. What is it that I'm longing for today, you ask? Why, vintage refrigerators, of course. Although I'm trying very hard to "live in the moment" and "appreciate life as it is now," (which I do, I promise! I love my life!) I can't help but get a wee-bit weak in the knees when I envision one of these beauties sitting pretty in my kitchen someday.

Last night Corey and I spent far too long on this site trying to determine which color would fit just perfectly in our dreams. We decided a light, baby blue that has a hint of gray to it. I also quite like that happy yellow fridge. Oh my...

*above images via www.bigchillfridge.com

Don't you think this baby blue...

would look amazing in this kitchen?

I'd add some more pops of color, of course.
Like maybe this fabric as cafe curtains in the window.

And, I'd have an amazing, rustic-looking chalk-board wall with hooks to hang all of my mugs/tea cups...and of course for the kiddos and the hubs to write love notes on...

And, last but most certainly not least...I'd crown my kitchen jewel with a dutch door leading to my herb garden.
Yes...I'll keep dreaming. Sweet, sweet dreams of baking chocolate chip cookies everyday in this kitchen. Yes, C, I promise to make you CCC everyday if we can create this beauty :)

I want to hear your thoughts on vintage appliances! (or, I guess I should say vintage-remakes...) Would you ever purchase one for your kitchen?


ella mint said...

ooh. Let's paint that pattern on something? Hahaha, not the fridge, but the leafy thingys.
Still love the blog........

Allison said...

I have a real, 1940s GE fridge - just like the ones you posted, but real. I. LOVE. IT.

Ok, it costs $400 to move. (I move a lot). It is very, very heavy. Two muscled movers are not enough.

Ok, it probably sucks a whole lotta electricity to run.

Ok, the freezer does not work and I had to buy a a separate chest freezer.

Ok, it is very small.

BUT, it has been going strong for years now. Never had a single problem with it. It has a cute drawer at the bottom. And it is just *so cool*. I was worrying about what I would do when it finally died, and was so, so relieved to learn that there are faux-vintage copycats! Love the yellow!

Unknown said...

Dear Allison,

Oh my gosh...you definitely had me laughing so hard. But what a cool thing to have!! And an original!! My parents actually have a teenie tiny pale pink vintage fridge that they inherited from my grandparents--and it's amazing. However, it doesn't atually work, so it's been relegated to sitting and looking cute. Which it's quite good at :)

Well, hopefully yours will live forever, but if not...at least you now know where to replace her.

Thanks for your comment!! I enjoyed it :)

The Design Boards said...

I love that baby blue fridge!!