05 June 2009

Addicted to my desktop.

So, I've been surrendering every free minute today to my mac. Unfortuately, I only have Microsoft Office--no nifty creative suite programs yet, but I've been attempting to design some business card mock-ups for a few personal side ventures. Thought I'd give you a glimpse into my Friday. Other than scouring desolate warehouse lots and chatting my way to some free furniture, this is all I've done.

Let me know what you think! To print...or not to print? I kind of like them, but I may be a wee bit biased.

Oh, if only I had photoshop and indesign...the possibilities :)


amymm said...

i think i decided that i really love the first one! it is fun to look at and the text is clever. nice work.

Unknown said...

wow! I love both! So impressed!

Lauren Chitwood said...

Hey Gal!

They both look like a great start! I have a wonderful graphic artist that is doing some work for me right now that is very reasonable. Let me know if you're interested.

Also- lets grab lunch or coffee soon so I can hear about your plans!